[Private] Blood Duty

Started by Ezekiel Doe at Nov 26, 2019 8:43 pm
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Ezekiel Doe

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Ezekiel flushes with color when Petyrr mentions an audience with Petra, waving his hands at the prince. "No, that's okay. I don't even know what I would say to her. I feel like I would just be bothering her. I already feel like I'm bothering you." He finishes, the color lingering in his cheeks as he looks away. To make matters worse, Ezekiel realized for the first time in two years, he was attracted to someone, and it pained him a little that it wound up being the Prince, who was most likely off limits. Ezekiel scrunches up his nose for a second before looking back to Petyrr.

"I don't want to bother the Queen," he reiterates, staring across the distance between him and Petyrr. He studies him: his green eyes, his flaming red hair, his pale skin. It's a lot to take in suddenly and Ezekiel climbs out of bed to pace the room a little, studying every nook and cranny. He even runs his index finger along the spines of the books, intrigued.

"What is your favorite book? I assume you have a copy. Which book amongst all of these tomes is your absolute favorite?" Ezekiel smiles, his eyes a ghostly blue as he watches the prince again, a lump forming in his throat. "I'd like to read it while I'm here, if I have time."

Petyrr Archer

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Petyrr rolls his eyes at Ezekiel, grinning just enough to show a flash of fangs. "Nonsense. Remember just how I tricked you into coming here by speaking with the doctor? If I thought you would be bothering me, then I wouldn't have fussed with Dr. Amestra for an audience with your lovely face." The prince throws a wink the Gopher's way. "Besides, my sister is a good queen and I know she would love a chance to speak with some of her people on how things can improve."

The vampire leans on his wingback chair a bit, watching Ezekiel pace the expanse of his lavish quarters. "If you won't tell her, then I will pass the message along myself. I think the Gophers should be treated better. You're a good guy and so is Rene. I'm certain a good number of the other Gophers are as well, though I've not had in depth conversations with them I must admit." A roll of his shoulder is given in a shrug.

However, Ezekiel's question has the prince quirking a curious brow. "My favorite book...that is a difficult one, I must say. I am fond of this one..." One slender finger graces the spine of a worn looking, thin booklet. "It's a great treasure. A children's book that Petra gifted me as a young lad. And then there's this one." That same finger taps a thicker tome, "This one. It's about a mystical quest with sorcerers, elves, and a few other creatures. A very intriguing read. I also enjoy my books on poetry." Pause. "You're welcome to read any of my books."