0 After Blight

The six Infernal Lords and most of their ilk are banished by a joint effort between god and mortal, ending the War of the Blight.  They remain sealed within the Inferno to this day.

200 After Blight

The avian race angers Evy by killing her First Archangel.  As reprisal, she knocks their sky cities to the ground and dooms their populations to an eternity as spirits.

300 After Blight

The Great Ilarian Empire rises to prominence and starts conquering the continent of Ilaria.

400 After Blight

The Starsinger Clan flees Ilaria and reaches Atraea via a flying ship, the only one known to ever exist.

605 After Blight

In retaliation for Oma's attacks on Ailill and Ei Insida, Afara purges the vampire population, leaving only seven bloodlines to continue onward.

1000 After Blight

The city of Aberheil is founded and becomes the largest center of human population on the continent of Atraea.

1150 After Blight

The Great Ilarian Empire begins its decline.